“Art’s Future and Past linked in Digital Exhibit”
Howard County section of the Baltimore Sun
Reviewed by Mike Giuliano
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When curator Diana Marta asked me to participate in “Ordinary Woman” she requested something along the lines of my “wrapped” paintings from my graduate work. This being something I had not delved into for a few years, I dug up my old artist statement… and found this:

“Though it is a personal dilemma, there is a universal facet to this struggle, in that every person experiences this stage of development at one point in their life. I can only experience it as a woman, and I feel that even in this era it is more difficult for women to overcome the ingrained societal expectation of bending to the will of others.”

For “Nike’s Dress” I drew upon this statement, and my love of Classical Greek Sculpture (one of my three dimensional fascinations- the way something so hard and solid is made to look like cloth, and reflect the form underneath).

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