Detritus is an ongoing project which examines the process of the creation of a work of art, and the fascination with process over the finished piece. Which is more valuable as a statement as an artist? The process itself/the act of creation (the leavings of the process are not always beautiful/aesthetically pleasing, and are often repulsive. The process, which though tedious, is mentally and physically taxing but gives a sense of satisfaction) or the completed product (which, though beautiful, is often dismissed after only brief inspection, as our attention span decreases in response to our increasingly visually inundated world)? Which should be venerated, process or product?

Each palette is a history of 2-4 hours of work during time spent in my studio painting a portrait based in the techniques of the Northern Renaissance. This preliminary test of the installation is a result of the under-painting process (sometimes mixed media) approach to the creation of a portrait. The intent is to continue this from the initial full value graphite drawing to monochromatic under-painting through to the completion of color glazing.

Detritus began its own body of work, an installation visually and physically separate from the paintings whose creation led to the accumulation of paint and marks left behind on the palettes. As I’ve continued to work, I’ve come to realize that the palettes are, however, inherently linked to paintings of which the palettes are a byproduct.

The intent is to install the painting/Althea which results in the creation of the palettes/Detritus walls opposite of each other in an aesthetic/conceptual confrontation/harmony.

In the gallery below are images of the painting that is the product from the use of the palettes- or looking at it conversely-in the gallery above are images of the palettes that are resulting from the creation of the painting. The palettes are adhered to 9″ by 12″ cradled wood panel and sealed with an epoxy glaze. The painting below is approximately 24″ in diameter, and is still in progress. As of December 2015 I have accrued 47 palettes and estimate to be roughly a third of the way through the painting.

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