Autumn Leaves was a multi-generational project of Bruun Studios taking place fall 2014 at Area 405, Autumn Leaves brought people together in reflection and celebration of our lives. Using art (an exhibition of 49 portraits by 7 different artists and drawings by Peter Bruun), performance and communal sharing, Autumn Leaves shined a light on Baltimoreans we otherwise might not know, offering a model of healthy community: accepting, empowering, and loving.

Each of 7 FREE events presented a different group of participants, all with something to offer the occasion: visual artists and writers exhibit works and words; youth art groups perform and provide a sense of ritual; “leaves” share autobiographical slide shows and ruminations on meaning; and hosts framed an overall experience all about the autumnal time of our lives.

49 individuals age 50 or older (leaves) were the subject of Autumn Leaves. At each event, 7 leaves shared thoughts on three questions: “What gives your life meaning? How do you think about your own dying, or passing? What do you have to say to young people coming after you, or what advice would you give your 21 year-old self?”

My group for the project was the “Birch” group, featuring these individuals as the “Leaves”

Juanita Brown
Tori Burns
Paul Freedman
Robert Ginyard
Seth Knopp
Donna Jackson Nakazawa
Rev. Felton Williams

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