Article in the Baltimore Sun (Howard County Section)

January 23, 2014

A lovely article by Mike Giuliano about both exhibits at the Howard County Center for the Arts: “Digital Disclosure: UMBC Faculty Perspectives” and “Ordinary Woman” (curated by Diana Marta).

An excerpt from Mr. Giuliano about my work in particular: “… If most of the exhibiting artists make visually busy figures, the most striking  artwork in this show is the simplest. Nicole Buckingham’s “Nike’s Dress” is a  white plaster-coated wire mesh figure. Just as the ancient Greek sculptors  deftly carved marble in order to emulate the appearance of folds of cloth,  Buckingham has created a motionless plaster figure that seems full of life. Her  accompanying self-portrait is no more than an empty white wood frame, meaning  her female statue tells you all you need to know.”

Read more of the article here:,0,3085636.story#ixzz2rGP0VIGn

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